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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 9, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning to us in the west. it is tuesday, september 9th 2014. welcome to cbs this morning. the nfl is under fire for channelling the ray rice incident. the story the white house says is bigger than football. >> deadly flooding sweeps across the southwest. >> and a crucial test for apple. can today's big reveal violence skeptics? >> but we begin with today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> there was a failure at all levels levels. somebody who hits a woman like that belongs in jail. >> the nfl suspends ray rice indefinitely. >> after video surfaced of him knocking his wife unconscious.
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>> both the league and ravens had never seen before. >> they were aware the video existed. >> severe storms hammer parts of the southwest with record flooed ed flooding. >> it's completely a mess down here. >> floodwaters trapped hundreds of car. in arizona the governor declared a state of emergency. >> the fourth american infected with the deadly ebola virus is being treated. home depot confirmed the payment systems were breached by hackers. it could affect customers. >> more states reporting children hospitalized with a rare strain of virus. cases have been reported in a dozen states. >> wash your hands. cover your mouth when you cough. parents have to be alert. the wait is over. apple expected to unveil the latest iphone. a new design larger screen. >> mel brooks left a special mark in hollywood. >> i want to do something
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different. i got another finger. and marin cilic has won the u.s. open. >> and the arizona cardinals steal a one-pointer after trailing by 11. >> and all of that matters. >> president bush who is already a grandfather has advice for president clinton. >> get ready to be like the lowest person in the pecking order in your family. >> orphan on cbs this morning. >> actor james corden will be the new host of the late late show on cbs. >> he's very good. and he's from britain. >> oh good. someone else we won't be able to understand. understand. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to cbs this morning. nfl all pro ray rice planned to
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be back on the field next weekend. instead, he's out of pro football and the league is facing strong criticism this morning for not taking tougher action sooner. >> and vid you came out showing rice punching and knocking out his future wife. the footage is so upsetting, even president obama is talking about it. a white house spokesman says litting a woman is not something a real man does and that's true whether or not an act of violence happens in the public eye or far too often behind closed doors. the statement went onto say stopping domestic violence is bigger than football. james brown, host of nfl today on cbs is in washington. good morning. >> good morning, norah and charlie. for months we've known the public had only seen the aftermath, when he was shown on a different video dragging janay palmer's limp body out of the elevator. this graphic video shows what happens during the attack. >> in the video obtained by tmz,
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ray rice is first seen striking janay palmer. he hits her again. she is apparently knocked out cold. rice hovers above her, picking her up only after the elevator door opens. the ravens who stood by him for months finally had enough. >> it's something we saw for the first time today. all of us. and it changed things of course. >> that violence of any kind is not tolerated. >> the nfl asked to see all the videos for the incident. but prosecutors rejected the request. the league incested no one in commissioner goodell's office saw it until it aired onmonday. many are skeptical. >> we find out roger goodell knew about the video and saw it, you have to think about impeachment. this is unacceptable. it's beyond unacceptable. >> ever since tmz released the
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video in february showing rice dragging palmer's body out of the elevator, the nfl has been under fire for the handling of the matter. palmer, now married to rice offered an apology. >> i deeply regret the role i played in the incident that night. >> rice himself wasn't disciplined until july. when he received a two-game suspension. >> my actions are inexcusable, and it's something i have to live for the rest of -- i have to live with the rest of my life. >> the the punishment was criticized as too lenient. and after an outcry two weeks ago goodell announced he was stiffening penalties for violence. >> that's sad. you have to be embarrassed. you have to be embarrassed into to doing the right thing. >> rice has two years remaining on his five-year, $35 million contract extension buzz was already paid $22 million in bonus money. ch the ravens terminated the contract and
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is money. charlie? >> former oakland cbs analyst is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> we want to know what question this raises for you. the question from everybody is why didn't they do something sooner? why haven't they seen the video sooner? >> perplexing questions for sure. as to why they didn't see the video sooner, i don't know that any of us know the answers relating to the video issue. and quite frankly, i'm not sure what i would find more stunning. that the league did not see the video, which would be stunning. or that the league saw the video and yet imposed only a two-game penalty, which would be stunning. i don't know which is more perplex perplexing. >> isn't that the critical question? they charged the nfl was willfully ignorant.
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>> certainly the video was available. i know a number of us remarked this video is going to come out. whether dead spin or tmz or some other place, the video is going to come back. so clearly whether it was intentional on the part of the league to not pursue the video and engage in willful ignorance as you suggested or whether it was a colossal mistake. in either regard. the standard really should have been, or should be did the league see the video, or should the league have been held to a standard of having seen the video? >> and can i ask what seeing the video changes things? we heard the ravens coach, john harbaugh, who is a very good man say first he stood by race. then when he said he saw the video it changed things. we had seen a video that showed the victim being dragged out like a rag doll. we knew she has been knocked out. why does that change things?
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>> that's an excellent point. and arguably it shouldn't change anything, but i'm reminded that a picture paints a thousand words. and look the video is horrifying it's heartbreaking and hard to watch. but does it change what we know happened? an unconscious woman was dragged from the elevator. no, it doesn't change that. >> so with all that we know now, what should happen? who should pay the price? >> well, i believe the ravens the id the right thing. many people will assert that it was done belatedly. whether belated or not, the ravens did the right thing for a number of reasons it was the right thing to do yesterday. and the league has arkansas tick lated a new policy with respect to matters of this nature. again, whether it's late or not, it is a new policy. and we have to hope they will handle it in a way that deters
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this behavior and shows others what actions are absolutely unacceptable. look, the league is a popular, popular league. people follow it avidly. and if the league can use this now as a platform to educate people that this sort of behavior is not simply domestic violence, it's assault and battery, it's not okay. >> my sense is this sthoir is not over. amy, thank you so much. and the remains of hurricane norbert are causing deadly problems in the south jen west. the storm is dropping records amount of rain. flooding killed at least two people stranding drivers and closing roads in arizona, california, utah and nevada. daniel danielle nottingham is in las vegas, one of the hardest hit cities. >> reporter: good morning and good morning to viewers here in the west. just outside caesar's palace on the famous las vegas strip. thousands of visitors arriving here have been facing flight delays, power outages and flooded streets. this morning a flash flood
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warning has been lifted and the cleanup is under way but nevada is still reeling from the devastation caused by this latest storm. the storm pummeled the las vegas strip, dumping more than three inches of rain in one hour. flooding attractions like the high roller ferris wheel. and closing i-17. >> there are hundreds of cars up and down the interstate just trapped. whole sections of the highway are buckled. >> it stranded homeowners and left big rigs with no way out. >> did arrive on scene and performed several rescues to get people safe. >> you can see the water cascading off interstate 15. >> the valley 50 miles north of vegas was hardest hit. flash floods consumed ranch land and threatened livestock. meanwhile, 100 homes in mesa arizona, were evacuated, as that
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state experienced record breaking rainfall not seen since 1933. arizona governor declared a state of emergency. and rescue crews in tucson struggled to save stranded motorists. two women died in the flooding. trapped inside her car as it sank in water. >> that vehicle was swept downstream. and immediately went down under water. >> phoenix motorist jim sampson was hit by a wave of water that quickly sent him to survival mode. >> i waited inside for the pressure to equalize from the inside to outside and opened it up and climbed out. >> reporter: one construction worker was nearly washed away by a current that was a block wide and six inches deep. the national weather service says the rain and flooding could continue through early wednesday. >> danielle, thanks. we are tracking the dangerous weather. evelyn, good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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we're still looking at the rem napts of tropical storm norbert. and as a result we could see thunderstorms throughout the afternoon and a chance of flooding continuing as well. temperatures for the west very warm. 80s and 90s for the most part. the numbers really help pro pel the thunderstorms. as we look at the midwest, the severe weather risk later this afternoon as cold air filters in and checking in with the east. looking at plenty of moisture. could see the brunt of the rain falling over the carolinas. >> evelyn thank you. home depot is working to get rid of a virus that could put your personal information at risk. the company confirms a data breach affects 2200 stores in the u.s. and canada. they would not say if the hackers had been stopped. we are looking at the impact to customers. good morning. >> good morning. >> so this breach is larger than the one hit target?
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>> yeah it's been going on for four months. could be up to 60 million different accounts. and target had 40 million. so this is a major big deal. also happened during the very busy spring season. you're doing home renovations. so this is a major breach. >> how is the company fighting it? >> they're working with law enforcement and secret service to find out the extent of it. i'm not sure the company knows the extent of the problem yet, which sort of makes you crazy. as a customer, you want to know what to do. don't worry. in charges, we're going to eat it. but for everybody who has been shopping in the last six months you should be monitoring your credit card and bank activity. look for anything that looks strange and flag it immediately. >> once again, who is behind it? is it the same people behind the target episode? >> it looks somewhat connected. we're not sure. there is some talk that there is
7:14 am
a russian behind this. but it's not confirmed yet. again, a lot of information evolving here. the story will start to roll out, but if you've been to home depot, keep your eyes and ears open. >> jill, thanks. president obama breaks congressional leaders on his plans to take on isis. the president says an expanded offensive against the terror group will not use american ground troops. he will outline a broader plan relying on allies in the region. the president consulted with foreign affairs experts last night. he'll describe his plan in a speech to the country tomorrow. >> and the the start of a new school year could be helping a virus spread among students. a dozen states from colorado to alabama report a rise in cases of an unusual respiratory illness. dean, good morning. >> good morning. and good morning to our viewers in the west. well it's a rare and dangerous relative of the common cold.
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several states have confirmed cases now and it is spreading rampantly among children. at the children's hospital in chicago, beds are filling up faster than they can be emptied. >> we have more patients than we've had in a while. and it's not stopping. >> not stopping because of a rare form of the common cold that is anything but common. the virus known as enterovirus 68 primarily infects the respiratory tract of young children like river johnson, whose mother brought him to the emergency room on sunday. >> it felt like somebody was pressing on my chest. >> you couldn't get a breath? >> no. >> doctors warn children with preexisting conditions like asthma are at risk. >> their airways are so much smaller that a little bit of inflammation can trigger trouble breathing. >> the cdc says the hospitals first reported spikes in the number of children with severe
7:16 am
respiratory problems in august. since then the clusters have cropped up in a dozen states across the the midwest and south. >> children attending school is probably part of the factor of why we>> at children's hospital in colorado where 447 kids visited the emergency deet v department in three days doctors say resources are taxed. but insist they're prepared for outbreaks like these. >> you go up and then it goes down. and then it goes away and we'll be ready and set for influenza when it starts some time in the season. >> enterovirus 68 takes about a week to run its course. and so far there are no fatalities reported connected to it. >> dean thanks. a fourth american infected with ebola in west africa arrived in the united states minutes ago. emery university hospital in atlanta has not released any information about the person, but a world health organization
7:17 am
doctor has tested positive for the disease. according to the state department, that doctor is from the united states. last month emery successfully treated two u.s. aide workers who contracted ebola. a third patient is being treated in omaha, nebraska. the country predicts they could see thousands of new infections in the coming weeks. and this morning the fbi wants to know if an attack on a u.s. air marshal is ebola related. he was stabbed with a syringe. the marshal was put in quarantine on monday after he landed in texas. jeff is in washington with a look at the possible motive. >> good morning, according to the transportation security the attack happened monday at houston's george bush intercontinental airport. someone approached him in what's being described as a nonsecure
7:18 am
area. he was stabbed in or near his arm with a syringe containing an unknown substance. it's not year clear if the substance was injected into the air marshal. the fbi says it is investigating the incident and the air marshal could have been attacked because he was an american. the fbi says right now there are no apparent links to terrorism and the agency is treating it as a criminal matter. nigeria is one of several west african countries that have been affected by the devastating ebola virus, and so as a precaution, the centers for disease control screened the victim as soon as he landed in houston. the cdc says he's not showing signs of illness this morning, and so far testing has indicated that whatever may have been in the the syringe was not a danger to other passengers on board that plane. charlie? >> jeff, thanks. m. a new report says high energy objects from outside likely caused malaysia airlines flight to break up over ukraine.
7:19 am
the dutch safety board released this morning. 298 passengers and crew were killed. the report does not say who was responsible. the rebels deny shooting down the jet, but one rebel leader admitted they are to blame. >> and it's 7:19. ahead on cbs, this morning apple won't say what's inside the giant white cube. just one of the unknowns ahead of this morning's next big from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everybody. as you head on out the door, it's another great start. temperatures very mild right there in downtown san jose at 56 degrees. otherwise, 60 san francisco and in oakland. later today clouds scrub out earlier. 60s beaches, 70s across the bay and peninsula. 60s and 70s inland. even 90 in gilroy today. and notice it's a string of 90s inland each day all the way
7:20 am
through monday. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by cvs health. because health is everything. new theories this morning about the knockout game spreading across the country. >> ahead, disturbing video of a brutal attacking mob in memphis as police make
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of attention on cupertino-based apple today, as the tech giant unveils its newest devices. good morning. 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening right now. a lot of attention on cupertino-based apple today as the tech giant unveils its newest devices. experts predict we could see two new phones with bigger screens, better cameras, more storage, maybe an iwatch. tim cook will show off the new products at 10:00 this morning in cupertino. today also marks four years since the pg&e pipeline explosion in san bruno. the explosion killed 8 people destroyed 38 homes. pg&e plans to appeal a $1.4 billion fine. the city though is making progress now rebuilding. got your traffic and weather coming up after the break.
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san mateo brink traffic fine now on westbound 92. it was a little slow just past the toll plaza. and still sluggish across the span but obviously the drive times not too bad for this time of the morning. 18 minutes between 880 and foster city. bay bridge stacked up east of the maze 580 slow from the 24 interchange, heavy around the berkeley curve, and accidents on highway 4 really slowing down the commute from antioch into concord. that is "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. >> it's another great start to your day. good morning, everybody. however, these clouds are not as deep as it was yesterday at this time so therefore we'll see some earlier burnoff. right now, out the door in the mid-50s and low 60s, winds under 10 miles per hour. later today, westerlies 5 to 10. numbers warmer than yesterday but as you look at those, take a look at this. temperatures today will not be as hot as it will be tomorrow.
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here in l.a. it rained briefly for ten minutes. [ laughter ] it rained briefly. [ cheers and applause ] for ten minutes. >> in response to the rain apple's ceo said see, all clouds occasionally leak. [ laughter ] welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour -- apple hosts the silence skeptics today. what will it mean for the iphone and your online security? plus, a couple of guys sitting around talking about old times in the office. except this time it's the oval office. some people say bill clinton and george w. bush are having a fine bromance these days. ahead what the two leaders are revealing about their unique
7:31 am
relationship. >> bromance. >> it's working for them. "usa today" says many airline catering workers are worried about security. surveying 400 workers nationwide nearly a quarter of them say unauthorized people can get in their kitchen or trucks or put contraband on a food cart. one says they understand the importance of protecting safety. "the new york times" says domestic oil and gas production is reviving. it's about 20% since the end of 2009, jobs also recovering about 700,000 jobs have been added in the past five years. "the wall street journal" says amazon has smartphones more less than a dollar. sales have been so slow that amazon cut the price of its 32-gigabyte fire phone to just 99 creptents. that's with a two-year contract. the fire originally sold tour
7:32 am
for $199. "the philadelphia inquirer" said penn state can play in a bowl game. they got the program out of preseason play and cut down on scholarships, those sanctions were imposed a few years ago from the jerry sandusky scandal. and the tennesseean national says ten teenagers and one adult are under arrest this morning after a brutal mob attack at a memphis supermarket. at least one group said the group appeared to be playing the popular knockout game. don dahler is here. don, is this scary stuff. >> it really is it's unclear if it was gang-related or had to do with the knockout game. the knockout game has become increasingly popular.
7:33 am
the goal of hitting a stranger and knock them out with one punch. >> reporter: according to customers, he started beating a customer. investigators say that's when two employees came to help. the teens attacked kicking them until they lost consciousness. [ bleep ]. >> oh! [ bleep ]. >> oh! >> reporter: a witness says some of the kids threw pumpkins at one of the unconscious victims. >> oh my word. somebody call somebody. >> it didn't seem real. it didn't seem like any of that had happened. >> reporter: the witness who asked not to be identified said this was part of a violent game. >> they were playing that game knock them out. where they would point someone out or team to knock them out or attempt to fight them. >> reporter: suspected cases of knockout game have been popping up around the country. in pittsburgh this unsuspecting
7:34 am
teacher was hit so hard he fell head first into the curb. last month in new york a 72-year-old man was knocked to the ground in the middle of the day for no apparent reason. police have not revealed a possible motive in the memphis attack, but the leaders say this will not be accepted. >> well they went out and formed a mob. that dog will not hunt in memphis, tennessee. >> well, the video appears to show black teens attacking a white victim. that witness says some of the victims were also black and that the mob was a mix of races. police have not said that the violence was racially motivated. >> whatever the motivation -- whatever the motivation -- >> -- it's a dumb game. >> yeah it makes you sick and angry at the time. >> and the crowd watching was laughing. >> i heard that. also disturbing. the tech world is hosting
7:35 am
one of the most rivaled this year. reports say apple will show usual, apple is saying nothing officially about what it will be unveiling today. and as usual, there are plenty of rumors. >> reporter: inside apple's silicon valley headquarters a team is on the verge of unveiling apple's next big thing. the first iwatch. it wouldn't be the first of its kind. >> if anything, apple is.
7:36 am
waiting to see what is more mature. >> reporter: it's a breakthrough in wearable technology. a design that put it a fingertips away will be doing the same thing with the watch. >> it probably will sensors it probably a bio rhythm. in theory you'll be able to put your wrist up against that system and it will make the payment for you automatically. >> reporter: but the more the smartphone knows about you the more attracter to hacker. >> that's where the criminal activity is go focused. >> reporter: that's where the money is? >> yeah. >> caller: apple ceo tim cook is under enhanced security measures following the release of nude photos of jennifer lawrence possibly from apple's icloud. >> false everywhere. the public is not providing or
7:37 am
educationing users. it's users not realizing what security options are out there. you need to do a little later this morning, we'll find out what apple's hiding inside this big white cube. >> thank you john. you know they started lining up at the apple store by your house. >> yes, indeed. >> it doesn't matter what's in that white box, charlie's going to get one, whatever it is. >> all toys. ahead, two political rivals
7:38 am
now look more like old friends. >> he used to call me twice a year in his second term. just to talk. when he talked depended on how much time he had. somewhere 30 and 45 minutes for several years. he asked my opinion. half the time he disagreed with it. >> it's nice to hear that. bill clinton and george w. bush share more than a little. we'll show is you the compliments, the laughter and advice shared between the two presidents. and tomorrow on "cbs this morning," the parents of an american held for two years in syria break their silence. >> i do not accept that he is missing. i have lived in a place where he is coming home. i know that sounds like two sides of the same coin but it my mind, it isn't. i'm waiting for him to come home. >> how the family is keeping hope alive. that's tomorrow. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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this was the summer of the super moon. sky gazers are seeing a spectacular show for the third straight month. the moon appeared larger and brighter last night because the orbit is closer to the earth as usual. it's also called the harvest moon because it's near the first day of fall. you'll have to wait until next year to see another super moon. i was actually looking at the moon with my kids. >> i was going to say did anybody see it last night? >> oh, yeah. it looks nice on video. i need to look up, charlie. >> i'll call you next time. >> please. former president bill clinton and george w. bush are showing how formal rivals can come together. they launched a new leadership program in washington yesterday. but when at the took the stage yesterday, we saw candid moments that revealed an unique relationship. bill plante at the white house takes a look at a republican and
7:44 am
a democrat happy side by side. >> if you asked me to name two people who you thought would never get along, you might say bill clinton and george w. bush but you would be wrong. they were together here on monday, swapping stories about life as an ex-president. >> we were laughing about going to restaurants and having to spend our time taking selfies with people. >> at least they're still asking, you know? [ laughter ] >> yeah that's right. >> reporter: it's two former presidents laughing it up like old friend. >> there's a lot to admire about bill clinton. first of all, he's an awesome communicator. >> reporter: and sharing old memory. >> he used to call me twice a year in his second term just to talk. when we talked depending on how much time he had somewhere between 35 and 40 minutes for several years. he asked my opinion on it a lot
7:45 am
of time he disagreed with it. >> reporter: they first teamed president clinton andel president bush's father. barbara bush said he began to see the democrat as family. >> i think he thinks of george as little bit as the father he didn't have. i love bill clinton. maybe not his politics but i love bill clinton. >> reporter: on monday they shared their thoughts on leadership with only 2016 and a possible contest with hillary clinton and jeb bush. >> remember the woman in canada who asked us about what another clinton bush matchup. my answer was, the first one didn't turn out too good. >> reporter: and with chelsea clinton expecting a child later this year. ♪ [ laughter ] >> only two people have this
7:46 am
number they're both related to me, i hope i'm not being told i'm about to become a premature grandfather. >> reporter: that's right. mr. bush offered some advice on being a grandparent. >> be prepared to fall completely in love. that's going to be an awesome period for you. get ready also to be like the lowest person in the pecking order in your family. [ laughter ] >> well the presidency is often called the world's loneliest job. and that is why most ex-presidents have more in common than not. but bill clinton and george w. bush seems to have taken to another level completely. barbara bush said that her sons call clinton my brother by another mother. >> that's great. >> why can't we have more of this? >> i know. i was thinking the same thing. they do say it's the most exclusive club in the world, of course, the former presidents club. but it's nice to seat
7:47 am
friendship. difference in parties and views on things that i think people in washington and other places can learn from that. >> you can tell it's genuine. that's what's so great about it. can we point out bill clinton's suit. >> very handsome. >> what are you doing, bill? >> you got the tan -- >> southern men like to touch. you notice how bill clinton had his hand on george w. bush. bill, we thank you. new reporting has some moms pretty ticked off this morning. we'll find out why female workers get punished for having kids. something's wrong about from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everybody. as you head on out the door, it's another great start. temperatures very mild right there in downtown san jose at 56 degrees. otherwise, 60 san francisco and in oakland. later today clouds scrub out earlier.
7:48 am
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arizona wins. counting down to thursday night football on cbs, just two days away. >> i think we're excited. >> we are. >> we have patriots owner about that and how long tom brady can keep going. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." but add brand new belongings from nationwide insurance and we'll replace destroyed or stolen items with brand-new versions. we take care of the heat. so you don't get burned. just another way we put members first because we don't have shareholders. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪
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apple unveils its newest devices today. experts are predicting we could see good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. apple unveils its newest devices today. experts predict we could see two new phones with bigger screens, better cameras and more storage. and there might be a wearable device possibly a watch. today is the four-year anniversary of the pg&e pipeline explosion in san bruno. the explosion killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes. the city has made progress rebuilding. next tens california washington challenge goes live online today. it's a game that lets citizens create a unique plan to meet the increasing demands on the state's limited water supplies. players have to weigh the pros and cons and costs of various solutions. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
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good morning, the drive timing on the san mateo bridge is longer than normal but no real reason y there are no stalls or accidents but you can see westbound 92 almost a half- hour between hayward and foster city in the commute direction. bay bridge is stacked up through the maze for a while since at least 7:00. and the eastshore freeway also very slow. 43 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. westbound 580 as you can see from our sensors, pretty solid all the way behind the 24 interchange. so westbound 580 and the nimitz freeway both heavy traffic right now trying to get into the macarthur maze. that is your "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. >> i still love to travel not so much by car but by plane. this is the scene at sfo this morning and we do have delays up to 49 minutes on arriving flights due to the cloud cover. out the door, 50s and 60s.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday september 9th, 2014. welcome back to cbs this morning. more news ahead including america's best colleges. plus editor of u.s. news and world report, how they decide. but first, today's eye opener at 8:00. >> the public can only seen the aftermath. the latest video shows for the first time what happened during the attack. >> i'm not sure what i would find more stunning that the league did not see the video or that the league saw the video and yet imposed only a two-game penalty. we're still looking at the remnants of tropical storm norbert. and that chance of flooding
8:01 am
continuing. i'm not sure the company knows the extent of the problem yet. it sort of makes you feel crazy because as a customer you wonder, what should i do? >> several states have confirmed cases now and it is spreading rapidly among children. >> the violent game has become increasingly popular. the goal, to hit unsuspecting strangers and knock them out with a single punch. we're not going to accept this. apple is expected to unveil not one but two new iphones and presumably we'll find out what apple is hiding inside this big white cube. >> it doesn't matter what's in that white box, charlie is going to get it. >> boy needs his toys. congress is back after five-week summer vacation. john boehner says first order of business the to pass the funding bill in order to keep the government running. that's like going to work in a new job and say i hope i work at this new job. i'm charlie rose with gayle
8:02 am
king. critics are pounding the nfl this morning over ray rice's domestic violence case. the baltimore ravens cut the all-pro monday. nfl extended his two-game extension indefinitely. it follows new video from february attack on his then fiance. >> tmz sports released the violent footage that shows rice hitting his bride-to-be in a hotel elevator. she is now his wife. she banged her head against a railing, falling unconscious. rice has not responded to the new video. companies are backing away from the former ravens running back, nike and dick's sporting goods stopped selling his jersey online. nfl's online store says rice's bobble heads and signed helmets but one baltimore restaurant wants the unwanted gear. they asked them to trade their ray rice jerseys for a free pizza. they will donate $2.70 for a women's shelter for each trade. hurricane norbert will cause more misery today from the
8:03 am
southwest to midwest. parts of nevada received four inches of rain monday. flash floods shut down roads, drivers for hours stranded. interstate 15 leading to las vegas could be closed for days. in arizona flood waters killed two people phoenix was swatched with a record one-day rainfall. the governor declared a state of emergency. on the east coast, heavy rain hammered norfolk, virginia. some drivers had to abandon their considers as you see. another three inches of rain is expected there today. meteorologist evelyn taft is tracking the bad weather in the east and west. >> good morning. we're still looking at a very wet forecast across the east. we could see a few inches of rain. mainly over the carolinas later today. and for the midwest, looking at a severe weather risk as cold air continues to filter into the area. and finally, checking in with the west where we're looking at remnants of tropical storm norbert. as a result, we could see thunderstorms looking at rain and a flood risk a little later this afternoon.
8:04 am
temperatures warming up in the afternoon as well. it's those warm numbers that could help propel those thunderstorms. thank you. president obama meets are leaders of a divided congress this afternoon. he will make his case on how to deal with the terror group isis. nancy is in washington where the president will address the nation tomorrow. nancy, good morning. >> good morning. the president argues that he has the authority to strike isis in syria without congressional approval but he says he wants what he called congressional buy-in. he wants congress onboard. so today as the director of cia director will be back hear on capitol hill meeting behind closed doors. congressional leaders as you mentioned will be going to the white house to meet with the president and tomorrow the entire house of representatives will be getting a briefing on isis. republicans in particular are still skeptical that the white house now has a strategy for taking on isis. and that's what a lot of these
8:05 am
meetings are about. and the secretary of defense and the secretary of state are going to be getting a lot of questions about that when they testify separately on the hill about isis next week. charlie? >> nancy, thanks. the location of an american journalist murdered by isis was sold to the terror group. a spokesman for steven sotloff's family the making that claim to cnn's anderson cooper. he was kidnapped in syria more than a year ago. they released a video last week showing his murder. >> for the first time we can say steven was sold at the border. he was on a list that he was responsible for the bombing of a hospital. this is false activist spread his name around. >> he was sold. >> yes. we believe the so-called moderate rebels that people want our administration to support, one of them sold him probably for something between $25,000 and $50,000 to isis. that was the reason he was captured. >> how do you know this? >> we know this from our sources on the ground. it happened so quickly that when
8:06 am
he was kidnapped they didn't have the time to mobilize those resources. >> family says its relationship with the obama administration is, quote, strained. off to east coast of australia a violent shark attack this morning killed a swimmer. his wife watched in horror on the beach. 13-foot great white shark was spotted near the scene about 500 miles north of sydney. the shark bit the victim's leg, almost tearing it off. he bled to death. it was australia's second fatal shark attack this year. this morning thanks to cooler weather and diminished winds, wildfire burning in yosemite national park is slowing down. dozens of visitors had to be evacuated by helicopter on sunday from the famous 5,000-foot half dome rock. the meadow fire burned about foursquare miles but it's not threatening any buildings. no injuries are reported. and many hiking trails and campsites remain closed. at the u.s. open cilic won his first grand slam singles
8:07 am
title last night. >> and marin cilic has won the u.s. open. >> the 14th seed beat mishnishikori in straight sets. it's the first time rafael nadal, novak djokovic or andy murray was not part of the final final. >> a dream came together. i feel that for all the players that are working hard i think this is a big sign that if you're working hard things are going to pay off. >> cilic missed last year's u.s. open serving a four-month suspension after testing positive for a banned substance. >> he got huge applause after the victory but during the match it seemed everybody was going nishikori. that was what everybody kept saying, kkk. i felt so bad for him when it was over he just sat in his chair with his head down and his coach looked stone faced.
8:08 am
>> it's a great story for cilic, coming back from that suspension which he said he did not know that he had taken the substance and to come back like this and bh to beat the people he beat. it was impressive tennis. >> good story for him. everyone's heart was with nishikori who says he hopes to come back this year. >> we know where her heart was. >> my heart was, too. anyway, congratulations. cbs is going back to britain -- >> i'm sure he feels better now. >> yes. going back to britain for a new host of the late late show james corden is his name. he will take over for ferguson. the sports's trivia show in the uk and he writes produces, and stars in the bbc series "the wrong manned." >> this isn't a game. >> why do i have my game face on because that's what you're looking at my game face. >> he won a best actor tony for
8:09 am
the broadway play "one man, two governors qult ss governors". he co-stars with meryl streep in the upcoming show. he had this reaction last night. >> he's very good and he's from britain. >> oh? >> yes. >> good. someone else we won't be able to understand. >> corden steps into late night in 2015. >> i interviewed this guy. terrific. >> i know nothing about him. looking forward to having him as part of the family. ahead this morning, transformation is not going, this roller coaster needs a makeover more than ever.
8:10 am
for 30 years u.s. news and w0r8d report is ranked best in higher education. the editor is here in studio 57. there's brian kelly. with bob kraft. he will reveal this year's list of america's top colleges and universities ahead on cbs this morning.
8:11 am
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♪ look at this. a fiery scene in a southern california amusement park. the legendary colossus roller coaster caught fire yesterday. we told you last month, it just closed to undergo a major renovation. as bigad shaban reports. >> reporter: flames poured out of the top of the colossus roller coaster by the time firefighters arrive. part of the historic track collapsed as emergency crews doused the fire. the classic wooden coaster is a staple at six flags magic mountain just outside of los angeles. the amusement park was closed when the fire broke out and nobody was harmed. the colossus itself has been closed since mid-august. slated to be rebuilt into a hybrid wooden and steel roller coaster called the twisted colossus. the company released the
8:16 am
statement that fire started while work was being done to disaassemble the ride. the colossus was built in 1978. and at the time was the fastest and largest dual-track roller coaster in the world. so famous it even starred in the 1983 comedy classic national lampoon's "vacation." >> our goal is to keep that history, keep that legacy but make it an even better experience. >> reporter: less than two weeks ago, "cbs this morning" visited the park reporting on the closure of the icon. >> they will be working on the structure, in essence, most of it will be gone and then they'll build it back up. >> reporter: despite the extensive damage caused by the fire, park officials say the new twisted colossus is still set to open in the spring of 2015. for "cbs this morning," i'm bigad shaban. and nfl fans are thinking
8:17 am
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♪ for three decades, "u.s. news & world report" has rated the best colleges and universities in the country. the new 30th edition of best colleges was just released this morning. we've got it. you're seeing the 2015 rankings first on "cbs this morning." brian kelly is editor of "u.s. news & world report." we see you again, brian kelly. this is getting to be an annual visit and we like it. after 30 years i'm thinking you all have the gold standard, are you thinking that too? >> thank you i appreciate that. yeah, a lot of people want to get in the rankings game including the president of the united states. "the new york times" came out with a new ranking of one thing or another. i think it's great because it gives people more information. we like to say we are the gold standard, it starts with "u.s. news" and people say here's how
8:22 am
we're not like "u.s. news." >> number one. >> princeton, harvard, yale columbia and stanford. they have pinged around the top five for years for zblups why is princeton number one? >> princeton, by a hair i always look at their alumni. they have very loyal alumni. people who go to princeton love princeton. they give money, they stay engaged a little more than harvard. that makes a difference. small things matter when you get to the top of the pack. >> they've got famous alumni like jeff bezos. >> sure. the whole world wants to go to these places. there's many more than these top five. gayle, you said we've been doing this for 30 years. one of the changes is princeton and yale and harvard, they were the top 30 years ago. what matters, the top 20 the top 30. we've been able to identify a
8:23 am
bigger pack of good quality stores. >> when it comes to good schools, williams alumni are cheering. >> princeton as the same they've got loyal alumni. >> what criteria do you use? do you accept bribes? >> only very large ones. >> yeah we were complimenting you on your new car. >> i've been lobbied by some of the finest people in the world. >> i'll bet. >> but, no we do this strictly by the numbers. we survey all of these colleges. we ask them 700 questions. not to be geeky but we have 2400 data points. 4 million points of data that we crunch to come up with the rankings. it looks at the kids how well professors are paid. and a lot of schools are bringing kids in and not
8:24 am
graduating them which is another story but a bit a scandal. dartmouth, one of the stalwarts in the ivy league dropped out of the top ten. we don't know why that is. >> dartmouth dropped to 11 who moved in? >> cal tech moved. you you're right, if somebody's out somebody has to move in. northeastern university in boston a very innovative school. they do a lot with co-ops and internships. >> and brian, i know you're a hoya, too. how did georgetown do? >> i tried my best. they're still in 21. >> duke charlie, number eight. very good. >> that slipped a little bit, too. but i'm sure it's for only no good reasons. they'll
8:25 am
there's plenty of attention on today, as good morning. it is 8:25. get you updated on some headlines around the bay area right now. i'm frank mallicoat. whole lot of attention on cupertino-based apple this morning as tech giant unveils its newest devices. experts are predicting we could see two new iphones with bigger screens, better cameras, more storage and perhaps an iwatch, too. apple's ceo will show off the new product at 10 a.m. today also marks four years since the pg&e pipeline explosion in san bruno. the explosion killed 8 people, destroyed 38 homes. pg&e plans to appeal a recent $1.4 billion fine. the city is making progress in rebuilding. traffic and weather coming right up right after the break.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. coming into san jose northbound 101 we had not one but two separate accidents approaching the 880 interchange. it's really jammed through san jose backed up from hellyer 280 through downtown san jose also very delayed this morning. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. more crowded conditions trying to get out of hayward. drive time is up this morning. no incidents or stalls but it's still 26 minutes between hayward and the peninsula. bay bridge backed up well through the maze. east of the maze. and that eastshore freeway approach now very sluggish from pinole. it's 43 minutes from the
8:28 am
carquinez bridge to the maze. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." more on your forecast. it's gray out there. here's roberta. >> it is gray out there because of the gray conditions see this right behind me here? yeah, that right there, sfo. we have delays nearly up to an hour on some arriving flights. again the very low ceiling this morning but you know what? it will promise to burn off earlier than yesterday. right now, however, socked into gray conditions all the way into tri-valley all the way to the south of san jose. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. later today onshore wind temperatures slightly warmer than yesterday, still below average in san jose at 78. 70s and 80s to the north. napa at 81 degrees. mid-80s in clayton today. 85 at fairfield through the delta, 90 in gilroy, 90s each day through monday. captions by: caption colorado
8:29 am
0,000 california foster children extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal, when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour new england patriots owner bob kraft is here in studio 57. we'll talk to him about the patriots, tom brady, somebody's a good guy and the start of "thursday night football." who's he talking about here on cbs. and of course, we'll get his thoughts on the ray rice situation. plus prince harry gets behind the wheel in the wounded warriors. we'll show you the challenges they face starting wednesday. that's ahead. time to show you some of this morning's headlines, "the new york times" looks at how climate change will affect northern american birds. the national audibon society says 650 species will be forced to find new places to live and
8:31 am
breed over the next five years. they're at risk of extinction because they won't be able to adapt. and moist wipes are affecting sewer systems around the world. some of them do not dissolve. in london last week a wad of wet whites and cooking grease got stuck in a sewer line. the clot got to be the sizes of a school bus. it weighed 15 tons. you can believe that. >> it's just funny to hear you talk about moist wipes clogging up the toilet line. >> i know. >> but you did it very well mr. rose. >> yeah. the huffington post has an update on the story we told you about yesterday. olive garden's never ending pasta passes sold out within two hours. for $100. you got all the pasta, bread and soda you wanted for two months. the demand crashed the website.
8:32 am
some buyers put the passes on ebay for a quick profit. "the wall street journal" says couples on different sleep schedules can expect marital conflict. experts say spouses without the same routine have less satisfying relationships. they spend less time together and have less sex than couples with the same hours. i was actually reading this last night. >> i want comments. >> i'm happy to say my husband and i are on the same schedule obviously, i get up because i get up so early. and "usa today" says denzel washington wants to be bond as in james bond. one person asked if he would like to plate legendary spy. he said quote, yes, i would. he said who's doing james bond
8:33 am
now, daniel craig, did they shoot another one. he said everybody should tweet denzel is james bond. send it to the studio. daniel craig's fourth bond movie is due out next fall. week one of the nfl season is in the books after monday night's doubleheader just two nights away from "thursday night football" on cbs. robert kraft bought the new england patriots for $117 million. the team is now valued at $2.6 billion. not bad. they've won three super bowls, six conference championships and 21 playoff games. more than any other nfl team. we're pleased to have bob kraft join us right here in studio 57. welcome. >> thank you. nice to be here. i like your new graphics in the "eye opener." >> i know for a fact this is a
8:34 am
guy who sets his clock, to "eye opener." we excited you several weeks ago all football fans and cbs are excited about "thursday night football." we want to talk about that and brady, but also ray rice. some are looking at this and saying that in fact, this is a tough defining moment for the nfl. and you are part of the nfl. >> yeah, look i think anyone that witnessed that video yesterday has to be outraged. and really disgusted to see someone associated with us doing something like that. anyone who's a real man doesn't hit a woman. >> and as the president said this is more than about football. >> okay, i'm happy he and i are in tune on some matters. well, it's true.
8:35 am
and it's really unfortunates.. i know our commissioner has taken some heat. i just want to say i spoke with him yesterday when this came out, not knowing what was going to happen. and knowing i was coming in here. and he had no knowledge of this video. and, now, the way he's handled the situation himself, coming out with the mea culpa and the statement a couple weeks ago, or ten days ago, and setting a very clear policy how we conduct ourselves in the nfl, i thought was excellent. and anyone taking bets on that doesn't know him. >> it must be troubling four as part of the nfl family that this could have happened. not the violence is there but the fact that the response is so slow. >> yeah look i don't want to get in the role of law enforcement or things i don't understand. it's just -- the good news is people did the right thing. when you see that visually it's
8:36 am
just such a turnoff. and i hope a great lesson to people everywhere this is not going to be tolerated. >> right now, he's suspended indefinitely. what would indefinitely mean to you, bob? >> i don't think he'll play another nfl game. i'd be shocked that some people would pick him up but that's not my -- >> but you you guys have done a really good job. >> what does this mean for the nfl and also for cbs that's going to be airing it now to have football in prime time on a network on a thursday night? >> we're so proud to be partnered with cbs. you have the most eyeballs of any network. we've had these games. we've established a format on
8:37 am
thursday nights. but partnering with cbs and having you promote it, the way that you promote it even in your news and everywhere else we think that our fans want to start their weekend on thursday night. and partnering with you is going to help us really do that. some people might question it. but those who play fantasy or love the game or are tied to it and cbs has done a wonderful job helping us establish that. >> let's talk about the patriots for a second. listen, when you got the team 20 years ago, your wife who i know you love very much. you guys have such a great love story. but you were crazy that you were going to spend that amount of money for that team. and now you say you're the luckiest guy -- one of the luckiest guys in the world. >> well i pinch myself coming to work every day. except sunday wasn't too good down in miami. it wasn't the way we wanted to start. but for fans everywhere football's back. we're excited about thursday
8:38 am
night. we're playing your good friends the jets on thursday night. we'll have fun with that. you do a great job. the network does a great job. >> back to the patriots. how's brady? >> he's terrific. i mean tommy is -- >> i love you that call him tommy. >> i do, too. what do you call gisele? >> "g." they're actually a great couple. for people as accomplished as they are to be so down to earth, i mean everyone who meets tommy knows he's just you know just looking you in the eye, there's no one more important. if you see that touchdown that we scored when he threw to gronk on sunday. he's like a little kid in the candy store. he goes over in the end zone. and he's all banging helmets and fired up and gets everybody motivated. >> so when people say peyton manning and the broncos have an
8:39 am
undefeated season you say they've got to come to new england to do that? >> we'll be visiting each other up in foxborough. you know it takes two, three, four games before everyone knows what everyone else is doing. and new teams settling in. and that should be a great game in november at 4:25 on cbs. >> tom brady is 37. some say that's an older age for a quarterback. does that concern you at all? >> well you've just got to watch the way he prepares himself and what he does. how he trains. i mean i think he's been a great example for the young players in our locker room. how she come in and see him. and he's very disciplined. and the same way i think i'm 35 i think he thinks he thinks he's 22. and he acts like it. >> listen bob kraft, the shoes you wear -- your tennis shoes alone looks like you're 35.
8:40 am
we're taking a shot at your shoes. >> those are some fancy kicks, bob. >> well, our good friends at nike mike parker and company made these with my initials and logo. so we're going to have an owner's model for all of you coming out in november. >> this is a one-year contract or five-year contract with cbs? >> this is a one-year contract -- >> well the "eye opener" promotes it better. and we keep getting the rating. we have an option on the second year. and then we hope to do a long-term deal. and really look to -- you know the other part -- >> there you are at tennis last night, bob. >> oh, my goodness. >> how was he as a date? >> but, you know every one of these games is on the nfl network. >> right. >> and having your a-team with us having sims and nance and
8:41 am
your production people working with our people and establishing this franchise is so critical to us. and the kraft promotion, your people working with the nfl network, it's just been great. >> we can meet any challenge you that give to cbs. i guarantee you, they will not disappoint. >> let's just keep getting those eyeballs in. >> it's taken five years.
8:42 am
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prince harry's getting in the game this morning. he drove an exhibition lap for the team invictus game. the jaguar land rover is the
8:46 am
first competition in the event. the u.s. and other countries are competing in the invictus games. my guess is harry liked that. >> it's great to seat wounded warriors involved in the games. and we love prince harry, don't we? we do. one of the hottest topics online is a "the new york times" says having children the worst career move you can make. she says it's great for a man's paycheck but motherhood lowers women's salary claire cain miller, good morning. >> thanks. >> it's incredible how much reaction you have gotten to this piece. explain what happens, why do when you have a child does it lower your salary? >> what the studies have found when a woman has a child, her per child. from then salaries rise an average of 6% when they have children. >> why is there a motherhood
8:47 am
penalty? >> the economists threw everything they could at this question. they controlled for hours worked. they controlled for hours of the spouses. they controlled for flexibility. they found that none of that explained that. >> bias? >> it's bias. what it came down is discrimination that that people still have about what women who have children at home will perform like in the workplace. >> i think the article really breaks it down. it's not that moms are less productive or that fathers work harder, it's just the employer's perception? >> exactly. when they looked at the study, it was in fact not about working fewer hours, working part time. it was before they were hired, the perception about how they would work. >> but the most desirable employee is actually a married father? >> correct, a married father is
8:48 am
the most desirable. next is childless women, and next is childsless men. >> how do you change that? >> the economists i spoke to said it's really about policy. it's a cultural problem, it's a bias in our minds. but one way they say to change that is through policy. so some policies that have worked in other countries are affordable high-quality child care that's publicly funded for infants and toddlers so mothers are able to go back to work and also moderate-length maternal leave. >> one thing that concerned me about the penalties, the bias that exists so that does not surprise me. but the message it sends young women who are starting out, who think, well maybe i shouldn't have kids. of the fortune 1,000 ceos they tend to be moms and wives. so you can be a mother and be successful and be in leadership? >> you absolutely can, it's just
8:49 am
that there is this remaining bias. i wouldn't suggest to anybody that they don't have kids. but one of the most interesting studies to me was done by a stanford professor. she sent out identical resumes to 600 real word employers for high-status jobs. the only difference on the resume was a mention of the pta, indicating that someone was a parent. if a woman was in the pta, she got called back half as much. if a man was in the pta, he got called back more. >> dad put up pictures of your kids, women, not so much. >> claire cain miller thank yo
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
be sure to watch scott
8:53 am
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today. experts are predicting we could see two new good morning. it's 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening around the bay area right now. apple unveiling its newest devices today a little over an hour from now. experts are predicting we could see two new iphones bigger screens, bigger cameras, more storage, maybe an iwatch, too. might be that wearable device. we'll see what happens at 10:00 this morning. today is the 4 year anniversary of the pg&e pipeline explosion in san bruno. the explosion killed 8 people destroyed 38 homes. the city is now making a lot of progress in rebuilding that neighborhood. and next tens, california water challenge goes live online today. it's a game that let's citizens create the unique demand on the state's water supply. players have the weigh the pros and cons and costs of various solutions. speaking of water, how about some weather? no rain in our parade, right? >> not at all, not even a
8:56 am
little condensation except the clouds this morning. good morning, it is a gray start to this tuesday. but the clouds aren't as deep as yesterday at this hour which leads us to believe that it will burn off sooner. right now temperatures into the 50s and 60s. notice vallejo at 56. same story in santa rosa. later today numbers spanning from the 60s with clear skies from pacifica, 79 redwood city and vallejo. through the 70s to the 80s inland. gilroy 90 degrees. warmer weather on through the weekend. that's a look at weather. traffic is coming up after this.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. slow going trying to get out of hayward on the san mateo bridge. first reports of a crash westbound 92 approaching boston city boulevard on the other side. it's slow past the toll plaza. right now drive time 22 minutes but again that accident just reported. also southbound 101 traveling along the peninsula, 280 to 101. slow through san bruno.
8:59 am
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